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Products sold in the front of the store of The Bread Essentials and not made in-house.

Gluten Free pierogie
Garofalo Gluten Free Pasta 500g
Gluten Free Gnocchi (Frozen)

From Mastro Vinci very simple ingredients: potato flour, rice flour, butternut squash, potato ...

The Marvelous All purpose Flour

Gluten Free All Purpose Flour


1 kg

The Marvelous

Flour Mix...

Gluten free vegan pierogie
Blueberry Jam

Ingredients: Ontario blueberries, organic cane sugar, lemon juice and rind.

All natural...

Garlic Expressions 370ml
Garofalo Gluten Free Potato Gnocchi
Covered Bridge Himalayan Salt Olive Oil

Gluten Free 142gr

Pickled Beets (500 ml)

Ingredients: Ontario grown tomatoes, onions, peaches, pears, apples, sweet and hot peppers, ap...

Dills Pickles

Ingredients: Ontario grown cucumbers, garlic, fresh dill weed,spring water, white vinegar, sal...

Waffle and pancake Mix

Gluten free waffles and pancakes mix

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