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Products sold in the front of the store of The Bread Essentials and not made in-house.

Gluten Free pierogie
Garofalo Gluten Free Pasta 500g
The Marvelous All purpose Flour

Gluten Free All Purpose Flour


1 kg

The Marvelous

Flour Mix...

Gluten free vegan pierogie
Gluten Free Gnocchi (Frozen)

From Mastro Vinci very simple ingredients: potato flour, rice flour, butternut squash, potato ...

Garlic Expressions 370ml
Blueberry Jam

Ingredients: Ontario blueberries, organic cane sugar, lemon juice and rind.

All natural...

Covered Bridge Himalayan Salt Olive Oil

Gluten Free 142gr

Garofalo Gluten Free Potato Gnocchi
Dills Pickles

Ingredients: Ontario grown cucumbers, garlic, fresh dill weed,spring water, white vinegar, sal...

Pickled Beets (500 ml)

Ingredients: Ontario grown tomatoes, onions, peaches, pears, apples, sweet and hot peppers, ap...

Waffle and pancake Mix

Gluten free waffles and pancakes mix

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